As a full-service management company, ACS West, Inc. provides a complete line of services in the areas of accounting and financial management, administrative services, board assistance, and maintenance services. Although the specific services offered must be tailored to each site and to the desires of each community’s Board of Directors, the following represents an overview of the typical and ongoing property management services available through our management agreement.


Annual Budget – We will prepare and submit, for Board review and approval, an annual operating budget draft for the ensuing year setting forth the anticipated expenses.

Collect Assessments – Provide for each owner a payment booklet containing coupons and instructions for payment of assessments. We will collect, record and deposit all assessments in separate operating and reserve bank accounts in the name of the Association. We will follow the Association’s collection policy regarding collection of delinquent accounts.

Pay Disbursements – Audit for validity all accounts payable and make prompt disbursements from the Association as provided in the operating budget or as approved by the Board.

Maintain Association Records – Establish and maintain, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, an accurate and complete set of books, recording receipts and disbursements. We will also establish and maintain accounts for each owner.

Maintain Records Per Home – Enter and maintain all association records and owners records in our financial and operations database system. We will establish and maintain paper files for each home unit, which will contain correspondence with the owner, and all other hard copy records pertaining to each home unit and its owner.

Produce Financial Statements – Produce monthly financial statements, which will consist of a balance sheet, income and expense (P&L) report including budget versus actual analysis, and check transaction register. This report will also include a current delinquency list; a copy of each bank statement, invoices paid and a copy of the check paying each invoice.

Annual Audit – Provide working space and association books of account for review by a Board selected auditor.


Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. excluding national holidays. Our phones are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a paging service. All emergencies will be handled immediately, and non-emergency calls will be returned the following business day. Response to all requests for maintenance will be scheduled promptly with licensed, insured contractors. When reasonable, we will try to solve or remedy all complaints of owners. Any unresolved issues will be referred to the Board of Directors for resolution or direction. If requested by the Board, we will provide directory information and mail newsletters generated by the Board to all owners.


Contract for Services – We will contract, pay and supervise all independent contractors as selected and approved by the Board.

Administer Grounds and Building Contracts – Administer the provisions of general maintenance contracts such as grounds, building and swimming pool and equipment related as provided for in the budget or as directed by the Board.

Inspections of Property – Property manager will make regular inspections of the community. We will attend to violations and make recommendations to the Board for repairs or maintenance


Annual Meetings – Arrange for a suitable meeting place, prepare agenda and mail notices for the Annual Meeting, as specified in the association’s bylaws.

Board Meetings – We will prepare and mail the agenda, financial statement, delinquency report, and any other reports as requested by the Board of Directors to the Directors prior to each monthly board meeting. At least one property manager will attend meetings with the Board of Directors.

Correspondence – We will prepare and mail letters as the Board of Directors may direct from time to time. We will also communicate with owners regarding architectural or Rules violations as reported by any owner, or found through inspections, and respond to written requests or inquires from owners, or as otherwise directed by the Board.

Association Records – Maintain and store all files and records of the association pertaining to the affairs and proceedings of the association, included but not limited to, minutes of meetings, resolutions, the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, and any amendments, for the current year as provided by the Board of Directors or as produced by Association Community Services West, Inc. 

Home Sales – Prepare Resale Disclosure Packages requested of the owner pursuant to the Virginia Property Owners Association Act and the Virginia Condominium Act. Communicate with closing attorneys and realtors to establish a system for the association’s proper receipt of assessments and information with which to update Association records. We complete mortgage requests, and send welcome letters to new owners. Resale Disclosure Packages costs are charged in accordance with the Virginia Property Owners Association and Condominium Acts and may require up to fourteen days for preparation. Rush orders are charged an additional $50.00 per package and can be ready in five business days. 

Bids for Service – Solicit bids for all services and projects pertaining to the operation of the association and present the bids to the Board for selection and approval. Draft project guidelines or specifications for all projects or purchases and provide requests for proposals for non-routine maintenance projects. 
Board Communication – Communicate with the Board President or Liaison on a regular basis.

Legal Liaison – Participate in legal action related to assessments, architectural enforcement or rules and regulations infractions, and coordinate with attorneys selected by the Board.

Management Service Fees – Compensation for management services will be paid monthly. This monthly fee is an all-inclusive fee except for the actual postage costs, and printing charges which are currently .10 per sheet. 

Term of Agreement Relationship – ACS West, Inc. is prepared to enter into a one or two year contract. 


Association Community Services West, Inc. will maintain a fidelity bond on all employees who have access to community funds equal to the total bank accounts over which we have exclusive signature authority and control.

The association will maintain liability coverage naming Association Community Services West, Inc. as additional insured excluding intentional acts.


Our management of your community will be handled in accordance with the recorded documents of your association.