Established in July 2001, as ACS West, Incorporated, an Accredited Association Management Company by Community Associations Institute, our company specializes in the management of townhouse, condominium and homeowner associations, as well as commercial property associations, in the metropolitan Richmond area including Fredericksburg, Petersburg and surrounding counties. We believe that the management of community associations is a specialized area of property management requiring well trained, dedicated, experienced personnel with systems designed exclusively for association management. The owners of ACS West are dedicated to controlled growth by insuring that systems, personnel, and other resources are in place before accepting new properties into our portfolio. When we select a new association for inclusion into our portfolio, we are making a long-term commitment to that association and its owners. We carefully analyze each association prior to submitting a proposal for management to be certain that its requirements and expectations fall within our philosophy and method of management. The success which ACS West, Inc. has enjoyed results primarily from the close working relationship we develop with each of our Boards of Directors and Liaisons. Some of the factors are as follows:

  • Our accounting system, which is specifically designed for townhouse, condominium, owner and commercial associations, produces easy to read and easy to understand monthly financial statements.
  • Our team management concept provides the association with the talents of everyone in our organization and insures ‘coverage’ at all times.
  • All owner and maintenance requests, problems, and other communications are personally handled by a property manager. This insures that owner requests receive prompt attention and resolution. The owner is advised of the actions being taken by either the Management Agent or the Board.
  • We rely on personalized responses rather than on form letters when communicating with owners.
  • We make regular site inspections and advise the Board and/or Liaison of conditions found and necessary actions taken.

These are some of the specific items which set ACS West, Inc. apart from other management firms. We also provide the standard management services as outlined later in this portfolio. ACS West, Inc. is a small, but growing, company and we pride ourselves on its long term commitment to the communities it manages. We provide professional, but personalized, service to both the Board of Directors and the individual owners by keeping the lines of communication open at all times. Continuous education of all of our associates is important so we can obtain the latest information on the changing world of association management. We currently manage more than seventy communities and associations, both residential and commercial. The owners (with over 30 years combined experience) intend to make Community Management their lifetime careers. We are a family business with a strong, positive growth rate over the last six years. ACS West, Inc. and its staff are currently members in good standing with the Community Associations Institute.